• Award wining offering

    We are well recognised in the analytics industry for our award wining offerings in the operational risk and stress testing space winning 5 awards in 2016: Best Stress Testing Product, Risk Analytics Solution and Best Overall Product of the Year by Risk.Net, and Best Analytics Solution and Best Stress Scenario Software by Insurance ERM

  • About The Analytics Boutique

    We believe that analytics teams, rather than designing and developing software, should be focused on value added tasks, being assisted by user friendly tools with full model governance, integrity of data flows between analytical processes and mechanised report generation.

  • Eliminate your key human resource risk

    Our solutions create user friendly processes for advanced analytics enabling non-coding specialists to access analytics work. As a result, key person risk is eliminated and your institution, rather than coding gurus on your staff, becomes the de facto owner of analytics.

  • Enforce model governance on analytics

    Our solutions provide strong governance into the modelling process by enabling audit trail, user control and model full one-click replication features. This allows full traceability and effortless validation of models.

  • Enable industry standards and best practices

    Your data scientists will not need to reinvent the wheel. Our software solutions enable industry standards and best practices creating an efficient process to implement and rank models in a champion-challenger scheme

With our approach, the institution retains full control over its analytics.

The Analytics Boutique uplifts the analytics of your institution by providing software solutions that:

  • Enable user friendly and transparent analytical processes
  • Bring in industry standards and best practices in analytics
  • Provide full model governance with audit trail, user control and thorough reporting features
  • Minimise model errors as a result of the elimination of manual processes
  • Reduce dependence on highly skilled analytical coding experts due to the automation of analytical processes and data flows
  • Deliver full model validation features

Our solutions cover the following areas of risk management and measurement:

  • Operational risk management and modelling software solutions:
    1. Loss forecasting
    2. Stress testing
    3. Capital Modelling under advance approaches
    4. Scenario analysis framework: capture, modelling, validation and simulation
  • Credit risk management and modelling: software solutions:
    1. Parameters estimation: PD, LGD and EAD
    2. Credit capital models
    3. Rating/scoring model development engine
    4. Rating/scoring calculation and workflow management
    5. Loan pricing
  • Stress testing software solutions
  • Integrated financial resource management software solutions
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